Operation Guardian of the Walls (2021)

500 words we should know about Operation Guardian of the Walls

The most important reason is that Hamas rejects the existence of any Christian or Jewish kingdom or state in the Islamic holy land (Wakaf Al-Islaymiah). Jews and Christians are Dhimmis, they can dwell under the rule of Islam as second class citizens paying a head tax known as Jizia but governed under the rules of Omar (they cannot judge a Muslim, they must not step off a sidewalk in the path of a true believer, nor carry swords or ride horses as that offends the Muslim). Hamas is a terrorist group that purposely tries to murder civilians to achieve its goals.

Mahmoud Abbas; President of the Palestinian Authority; promised to call for elections on May 22, 2021. Elections for President and Parliament have not been held in the Palestinian Authority since 2005 and 2006 respectively. Abbas began to feel, quite rightly, that if he held elections Hamas would prevail as Abbas and his party are seen as “corrupt” by his own people. Realizing such a personal and partisan catastrophe, Abbas decided to cancel the elections arguing that he was not holding them because the Arabs in East Jerusalem could not vote (in 2006 they did, by mail).

Hamas vowed to set the Palestinian street and Israel on fire because of Mahmoud Abbas’ cancellation of the elections. Hamas’s desire is to seize power in the West Bank just as it did in Gaza (the Fauda series shows this great). Palestinian internal disputes led Hamas to look for a straw to turn Israel against the Palestinians as it did in the past. It tried to light the fuse for weeks and it ignited during the month of Ramadan. Hamas succeeded in igniting the Gaza Strip against Israel but, for the time being, it did not achieve its strategic objective.

When Hamas wishes to attack Israel and start a military operation against Gaza, Hamas may execute some or all of the following aggressions: 1) Firing massive quantities of rockets into Israel. When Hamas wishes to attack, it typically fires about 100 rockets per day. This provokes the Israeli government to react. In 2021 Hamas fired 2300 rockets in seven days; 2) Firing at cities with large concentrations of Jewish civilians. In 2021, it fired rockets at Tel-Aviv or Beer-Sheva; 3) Conduct a successful strategic attack such as penetrating through tunnels or killing many Israelis in one hit.

The IDF set three objectives for Operation Wall Guard: 1) Impose severe and destructive damage against Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket fire and combat capabilities. Israel did not declare its desire to overthrow Hamas; 2) To deal a devastating blow to the ability to rebuild Islamist military capability, thereby undermining motivation to confront Israel for years; 3) To restore deterrence against Gaza organizations; 4) To maintain the preservation of the IDF’s international legitimacy to exercise its power against the Gaza Strip when Israel is assaulted.